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Pusat Alat Peraga Terlengkap ( dari TK, SD, SMP, SMU, Politeknik, Universitas dan Umum)
Pusat Alat Peraga Terlengkap ( dari TK,  SD,  SMP,  SMU,  Politeknik,  Universitas dan Umum)
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Complete Viewer Tool Center ( from kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, vocational school, POLYTECHNIC, until UNIVERSITY)

Sell Various:
1. Microscope
2. Globe
3. Map
4. Mathematics Kit
5. Electrical kit
6. Optical Kit
7. Kit thermodynamics waves
8. labor language
9. torso/ framework/ framework/ bone
10. Mikroslaid / preparations
11. Lab Equipment / tools labor
12. Magnets
13. Lens convex / concave / bikonkaf /
14. Bikonveks
15. Balance
16. Solar system
17. Chemicals
19. Kit ipa sd, smp, sma
20. Physics kit Kit ips smp, sma
21. Chemical Kit
22. Carta / educational poster
23. Beaker
24. Erlenmeyer pumpkin / squash
25. Petri dish
26. DAK, blokgrant

Chemistry laboratory apparatus
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Contact Person:
Contact Person: Ibu Dini 0812 8006 9024, 0817 6700 726, 0816 1740 8927, 021-9529 3259

Address: Jl. Radin Inten II No. 62 Duren Sawit - Jakarta 13440
Tel. + 62-21 8690 6777, 8690 6771, 8690 6785
Fax: + 62-21 8690 6770
EMAIL: sales@
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